The Dreaming Street

by The Dreaming Street

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Jellybean 04:11
It's hard to respect you when you act so dumb I can't believe you say the things you say The rules have changed now and it might be hard to cope but I don't care about the games you used to play. You let them beat you and take you down when you've got a mind and there's shoes on your feet. But you just complain that life's not fair and come to me for some sympathy. You want no respect, so it's back to sympathy I've had enough of this. That's it now, Jellybean. You've got no respect, You walk all over me And you bring it on yourself So I've got no sympathy. I might sound cold, but it's hard to care when we're all wolves underneath the skins of sheep. So be careful who you trust and watch out who you love or as you dream they'll take you in your sleep. You ask my advice and then ignore what I say so I guess pain is your one true ecstasy. You're a big girl now, and the choice is your own, But don't come to me for sympathy.
There's something that I want to know I wanna talk and figure the reason~ This isn't how it's supposed to be, with me here bleeding from where you touched me. I never seen it, I never believed that you could see me the way that you've seen me. We were a dream within a dream And you're throwing it away, at least that's how it seems. And it didn't have to be like this. This pain of mine is like a badge I'm proud of it, but it brings no courage. When you were close and yet so far away And now I'm here in this bitter, winter rain. So please don't look at me yet. Please don't break the silence until no one is left blaming me, my love, my silent witness.
Galilee 04:03
Well, sometimes I still hate you and every now and then it's for the right reasons Like making lies of a promise of joy and putting strangers in the mirror. You may not know the reason, but you'll be going back to see Galilee. The desert eats out the skyline Where ends the earth, and where begins heaven? At the end of a prayer for dark clouds and rain? Or a life I remember? They say that time is a healer, but every minute's been a long, long time. No anodyne or easy distraction pulls your burned image from my eyes.
Don't be so forlorn, just be some mother's son. Though she may be gone, like Spring days to Winter. So close your eyes. It's cold outside, and I fear it could rain. Don't be afraid, there's nothing to fear now You'll be okay. It's been so much time, Have a drink now, your hands are shaking. Rest now, there isn't much time from Spring Days to Winter. Don't open your eyes It's so cold outside, and I fear it could rain. Through all the dreams that you will not forget as you cry “not yet!” Farewell, Alouette. Can nothing ever be the same?
Sarah's Song 02:40
Sarah, when I look in your eyes, when we stand lips to lips and heart to mind my feet are on the ground and my head in milky skies. Now please don't ever change your heart, don't you. As life turns the page how I feel about you grows stronger every day through sunshine, through the rain if you could only say that your love won't ever change. Sarah, when you smiled and drew a language of touch that's unique to us I fell all to pieces when you walked into the room. See, I know how I was before: An island without a sea. Now I'm living in a dream. So please don't change your heart, don't you. As life turns the page how I feel about you grows stronger every day, through sunshine, through the rain if you would only say, “My love, I do.”
Talk to me, you never talk to me oooh, it seems that I can't speak but I can hear my voice shouting out. And there's no reply at all. Look at me, you never look at me oooh I've been sitting and staring it seems so long but you're looking through me like I wasn't here at all No reply, there's no reply at all. Dance with with me, you never dance with me oooh, it seems that I can move I'm close to you, as close as I can get Yet there's no reply at all. I get the feeling you're trying to tell me Is there something I should know? What excuse are you trying to sell me? Should I be reading “stop” or “go?” Cos I don't know Be with me, seems you're never here with me oooh, I've been trying to get over there but you're out of my reach and there's no reply at all. Maybe deep down inside I'm trying for no one else but me I'm too stubborn to say “The buck stops here, it's not the one you're looking for.” But maybe deep down inside I'm lying to no one else but me. Oh but my back is up I'm on my guard with all the exits sealed. Listen to me, you never listen to me oooh, it seems there's no way out I've been trying but we cannot connect And there's no reply at all. Is anybody listening? There's no reply at all.
Say 04:06
When I look at you I can't cos I don't want me to see those things in you That I never knew were there. If you feel the way I do You hide it well, you don't seem to think of me with you and you don't seem to care That you and I could leave this all behind All the the hurt and the pain, and then sail away. You and I could leave this all behind if I could only tell you those things I can't say. I'm feeling it so deep, baby, I can't sleep. I wanna say I love you but can't cos you're my best friend, too. So what am I to do if that's how it should be? If things change with you it cost too much, but I want to take a chance and do it if only to see. I can't save you, I can't see you anymore I'm looking at you and looking through you and there's nothing there at all Save me. Touch me softly. But don't look at me, you'll see right through me and I don't want you to know it all. But still I think we can make it all right. If maybe I do say all the things you want me to then maybe we could be soon the way I believe. With all we've been through it's not too late if you want to see if we can make our love the way it should be.
Wonder Child 03:38
Everything I see is new the sky's a nicer shade of blue. And look – the grass is greener too Since the first time I saw you. Flowers grow around my door. I've never seen that rose before. And now that rose means so much more. It must be you it's growing for. Cos you're a wonder child living in a world that's all surprise. You make me see things through your eyes. Wonder child. It's no wonder I love you so. Rainy days are bright for me The rainbows shine at night for me It's you who taught me how to see and opened up the world for me.
Between Us 04:15
So, I know we're not gonna make it but is it wrong to want to try? The Great Escape has left me empty and I can't stand that look in your eyes. So please don't say I have to wait when tomorrow never comes. All that time, through the tears, I never thought the world would come between us. How can I go on when I think I've lost all the things between us? Accept the fact that between us, there is no turning I've known it all along We were always friends, but never friends like that So fade to black. Between us, there is no turning back. I wish you'd say “no,” or say anything but this silence I don't understand. I wanted so little so much it seems and now it's all got out of hand. I just can't leave it to fate when tomorrow never knows Stop the lies, stop the pain and tell me why the world can't wait. That cold winter's night is like yesterday our breath foggy in the air as we took that moonlit hayride and the straw got in your hair And I can't leave it to fate when tomorrow's left unseen and I'm left here with my memories of how things could have been between us.
I've been out on the road; gotta follow my dreams again. In and out of the spotlight, it's gonna be all right It's time to be free And then I want you to know, I do, When I get back to you we're gonna find that we've got everything we need. It's just like all those times, the simple and sublime when we could find that we got everything we need. It's time to lighten my load, I'll be heading out east and when I'm driving in towards sunlight straight through the long night and settling in again. We've got everything we need, We got pizza and M.S.T. Now just sit back, and I'll pour you something sweet. Yeah, we got bootlegs of Selling England, 1973 and tonight it's just you and me. I'll say it one more time, just put your hand in mine and you will find that we've got everything we need.
Bridle Pass 04:28
If there's a place where dreams come true It wouldn't change the way I look at you Baby, can you see how much you mean to me? For you there's nothing I won't do. I want you to believe I'd drop mountains to the sea to let you know that my love is true. Like the rain that's sent from the heavenly skies above You're my buttercup, baby. I can't get enough of your love. If I could write a book or a play there wouldn't be enough pages for me to say that the way you make me feel makes love seem new and real. And I just want to tell you every day. I want you to believe I'd drop mountains to the sea to let you know that my love is true. In the rain that's sent from the heavenly skies above You're my buttercup, baby. I can't get enough of your love. Now, I know there may be days when we just don't get along But I'll never stop loving, kissing and hugging I'll never stop loving you the way I do. I want you to believe I'd drop mountains to the sea to let you know that my love is true. You're an angel sent from the heavenly skies above You're my buttercup, baby. I can't get enough of your love.
Closing Time 03:28
If I cried her a river, she might cry too as I drown in it. I'm feeling down & walking 'round all over town and end up drinking at Joe's on the South side. And I'm staying 'til closing time. From the blinded dawn 'til the blood-shot eye of two a.m. I said I wouldn't, but I'm doing it again. I know I don't do what I'm supposed to do but it's easier (so much easier) to lie than to fight about it. Oh blue were her eyes and red was the wine (I'm a mad-dog poet at closing time) But I'll say that I don't know how long I can hold on when I find I have to lie when I say I'm fine twenty minutes 'til closing time. And from the blood-shot eye of two a.m. Until the shuttered dawn I don't know who I am but who I am is wrong. Now I've got to find somewhere that'll still sell me a beer 'Cos it's like Joe says, I don't have to go home, but I can't stay here.


Third generation old school tunes featuring musicians you've heard play with Genesis, Tears For Fears, Oingo Boingo, Little Richard and Cast in Bronze.


released October 31, 2016

The Band:
John Avila - Bass, backing vox
Élan Noelle - Backing vox
Cyrus Rua - Piano, keyboards, carillon, backing vox
Josiah Ruff - Lead & backing vox
Jean-Michel Sutcliffe - Guitar
Nick D’Virgilio - Drums

The Horns:
Eric Bolvin - Trumpet, EVI
Ralph Heineck - Trumpet
Ross McCrae - Trombone
Devarian “Shaddow” Rose - Sax
Kenny “International” Walker - Sax

The Orchestra:
John Avila - Double Bass
Max Dyer - Cello
Joni Fuller - Violin & viola
William Stewart - Violin

Special Guests:
Petteri Johannson - Guitar “No Reply at All”
Slobodan Lekic - Accordion “From Spring Days to Winter”
Glenn Rios - Guitar & Drums “From Spring Days to Winter,” & “Bridle Pass”

Executive Producer: Santiago Carillo
Mixed by Bryan "Chuck" New
Produced by Cyrus Rua
Mastered by Tom Waltz


all rights reserved



The Dreaming Street Austin, Texas

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